“Ancient Wisdom and Modern Solutions”

The Face of New Zealand for over 10 years

June 15th, 2017

Ngahihi o te ra Bidois The Face of New Zealand is an Award winning international leadership speaker and MC with over 11 years experience as an international Professional Speaker and Master of Ceremonies.

“I am really enjoying making a positive difference in the lives of people World wide through my Opening and Closing Keynote presentations. My Keynote presentations have developed since starting 11 years ago and I have enjoyed working with education, finance, law, franchise, governance, tourism organisations around the world in many countries such as Singapore, England, America, Asia, Germany, Fiji, Australia and Hawaii. I have met many very interesting and hospitable people. About the only thing I am still not used to is receiving standing ovations. This has happened many many times. Receiving standing ovations is always a very humbling experience that I am very grateful for and I am always honored to receive.” – The Face of New Zealand Ngahihi o te ra Bidois

Do you want an experienced, unique, entertaining and informative Professional Speaker for your event? The Face of New Zealand has developed his Professional Speaking business for over 10 years and has presented worldwide to many organisations. He is also supported by a Team of people who will help you manage his time with you. His team has worked with people world wide and look forward to assisting you to ensure your event is a success.