Ngahihi o te ra Bidois has an immediate impact the moment he walks on stage. His sincerity, his commitment, and his connection to his heritage are powerful. His message is universal and yet somehow fresh. But, what will ultimately win you over is his heart. It shines like a bright light on every person he touches. Audiences will long remember and appreciate his message and will long admire his life's journey.

Lou Heckler, CSP & CPAE

“Ancient Wisdom and Modern Solutions”


Ngahihi o te ra Bidois _ The Face of New Zealand is an outstanding Incentive welcome to country or Keynote Speaker for your Incentive. He has presented to top 50 fortune 500 Companies from countries including America. Ngahi enjoys hosting your people while providing a unique New Zealand experience. Here is a reference from one of his incentive clients.
It gives me great pleasure to recommend Ngahi o t ra Bidois – The Face of New Zealand – for
Incentive Programs and/or Corporate Meetings travelling in New Zealand.
Destination Pacific is a DMC/Destination Management Company working with North American
Fortune 500 companies and we have worked successfully with Mr Ngahi as a « Welcome to
Country » and/or Key Note speaker.
We have found that Mr Bidois is a gifted Maori Elder and Leader and full faced ta moko / Tattoo
professional speaker – and always makes himself available following his presentations to
personally mix and mingle with attendees for photographs and one-on-one short discussions.
One of our Fortune 50 companies recently presented a specially chosen Pounamu (New
Zealand Jade/Greenstone) which was especially blessed by Mr Bidois. This was a special and
moving memory for all attendees.
The room drop that evening was a personalised copy copy of his book.
The Face of New Zealand team, lead by Carolyn is excellent to work with.
We recommend Mr Bidois and please do not hesitate to contact me directly should you wish to
know additional information.
Yours faithfully

Heather R. Coplestone

Managing Director

Outstanding Incentive Speaker – Unique welcome to Country


The Face of New Zealand Ngahihi o te ra Bidois was the closing keynote speaker at the inaugural Evolve Education Group conference. Please click here to see the feedback received from their event.

Ngahi Bidois Evolve Education reference


The Face of New Zealand Ngahihi o te ra Bidois presented to the Buiding ITO in Te Papa museum, Wellington. New Zealand. Click here to read the feedback received from this client.  BCITO reference


Building ITO conference


Independent Schools of New Zealand was privileged to have Ngahihi o te ra Bidois as a Keynote Speaker at the 2015 Annual Conference. Ngahihi o te ra Bidois speech entitled ‘Ancient Wisdom Modern Solutions for Collaborative Leaders’ was very well received by conference delegates and was our highest ranked speaker at this conference. Delegate’s feedback included comments such as:
“Ngahihi o te ra Bidois presentation – thought provoking, personally challenging, inspirational”
“Some very good speakers. Particularly Ngahihi … who were outstanding”

Ngahihi o te ra Bidois was extremely professional in his presentation, arriving early at the venue to check how the audio visual, sound, staging etc were working and marking out where he was best seen by the audience and the acoustics of the venue. Ngahihi’s presentation challenged the audience and gave them much to take away from conference.

Independent Schools of New Zealand


World No One Real Estate Company RAMS said this about the Face of New Zealand.  ”Ngahi was our motivational speaker at the RAMS National conference in Queenstown, and he was exceptional.

He was very well prepared, and had considered carefully and thoughtfully about our conference theme and business objectives.

Ngahi was able to tell his story in an engaging, moving and often humorous way, but most importantly always and cleverly related it back to our business and the individuals within the business.

He was very inspirational, and down to earth, he challenged everyone on a personal level, so much so that he moved many delegates to tears. He was able to do this because of the immediate rapport he was able to build with the delegates….within minutes of his talk commencing he had the audience captivated. All delegates walked away, moved, inspired, motivated and focused. We couldn’t have asked for more.”

 Anthony Ziino

 National Best Practice Manager

RAMS Financial Group Pty Ltd.

World No.1 Real Estate Company


Health: ‘Ngahihi o te ra Bidois was one of the keynote speakers at our annual Urology Nurses conference.His presentation on leadership was perfectly presented, extremely appropriate and delightfully entertaining. He captured the essence of our conference theme and as such, connected with our delegates on a professional and personal level. Our delegates feedback confirmed these factors and one of the words used most to describe his presentation was inspirational, as was demonstrated by the enthusiasm and interest shown him during the break. I would commend Ngahihi o te ra Bidois as a speaker to health professionals because he connects comfortably, demonstrates kindness and compassion while reflecting his culture and passion for life. Ngahi I wish you all the best in the future and will recommend you to colleagues who did not have the pleasure of hearing you speak at our conference.

Pene Meiklejohn


International : Education Ngahi’s work in Cornwall, UK helped us to see a different perspective of what we often take for granted – the Cornish one. It showed us the power of using what we already had in our business and allowed us to build on it. Cornwall is now used as a key theme for our recruitment drive for both students and staff, and this theme has been used to build pride in the organisation.

John-Paul Eatock, Learning and Development Manager Cornwall College


International Entreprenuers comment on a keynote presentation by Ngahihi o te ra Ngahihi presented at the Entrepreneurs Organisation international university gathering in Queenstown. Here is feedback received from various international delegates: – Tremedous story. I enjoyed very much a great life lesson here for us all. (Chicago) Loved the message and the authenticity of the presenter (Seattle) Incredibly inspiring Speaker Enjoyed the message – good possible take home.Enjoyed very much. (Singapore) Great way for connection to New Zealand culture. Being from US it was wonderful to learn about the Maori culture. Very inspirational and humbling. (Chicago) Wow, what an amazing man and speaker! (NZ) I loved it!! (Sydney) The of the moment relevance of his message built on what others have spoken about the night before. Showed that his speech was for us and not canned. He was an excellent story teller. (St. Louis) Excellent speaker with incredible energy. (Seattle) Blew my mind! (New Zealand) I loved this. Very powerful and would be impossible to get bored. (New Zealand) Great introduction to some NZ culture. Very inspiring and provoked a lot of internal thinking/reflection. (Western NY Guest) The speaker was great (Sydney) One word. WOW! (Dallas) Wow! What a great session. Very emotive and inspirational. Thank you for sharing! (Melbourne) Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!! Thank you. (Auckland.NZ) A+ speaker. I was very moved by the emotion and electricity of his manner and honesty. Amazing! Inspiring! I will always think back to him at certain times of my life. (Seattle) More impressive than Wednesday’s speaker. Actually took some good notes to review later. (Seattle) Very engaging and passionate. (Sydney) Excellent polished and impactful speaker (New Zealand) Fantastic! (Los Angeles) Personal story was awesome. (Sydney) Ngahi connected with the audience…perfect! (Brisbane) Very impressive. (Austin) Speaker made good efforts in linking his content with the purpose of the event. (Singapore) Ngahi was an amazing speaker – lots of relevance both personally and professionally Great local connection Wow! What a great session. Very emotive and inspirational. Thank you for sharing! (Singapore)

Entrepreneurs Organisation International Conference delegates


Financial : Leadership presentation in Australia I first heard Ngahi speak in October 2010 at a Financial Conference in Sanctuary Cove Australia with some 200 delegates. The theme was Leadership and Ngahi provided the Key Note speech. His interactivity, genuineness and simple message was incredibly powerful. He was easily the stand out speaker of the conference and understanding the impact that it had on my colleagues and I, I immediately set about planning his attendance at our end of year function. We had fifty guests at our function with cocktails and then a seated section for the presentations. In the room were a mixed group of professionals from different companies and different industries, the only common link was that The Selector Group worked with them. Ngahi’s presentation was fantastic – poignant, humorous, interactive, authentic and inspiring. After the presentation the cocktail party was to continue for another 30 minutes – guests were so charged and uninhibited that we were asked to leave the venue many hours later. In short, our event was such a huge success because of Ngahi and his involvement. His ability to engage a crowd combined with his simple messages ensures that guests love every minute. Subsequent to the event, engagement with those who attended has been fantastic – there is a commonality that was not there previously and this good will is sure to assist our business in the future. Ngahi’s fee has been our best marketing spend in 2010 bar none and I can only encourage whole heartedly anybody considering using his services to engage – he will deliver.

Ian Jordan Director The Selector Group : http://www.selectorgroup.com.au/


I would not hesitate to recommend Ngahihi o te ra Bidois to future clients who are looking for an inspirational and motivating speaker. Association of College and University Housing Officers’ Conference We have invited Ngahihi to speak at a couple of our conferences now and he has always been a great hit with the delegates. I am always confident when booking Ngahihi, that he will give an inspirational and moving presentation. Most recently Ngahihi spoke at the Australasian Association of College and University Housing Officers’ Conference which was held at the Amora Hotel in Wellington. This conference had approximately 120 delegates from the Tertiary Education Sector. Ngahihi received great feedback from the delegates. Some of the comments are noted below: Amazing man with a great story to tell. Awesome speaker!! Excellent presenter, and really good story. Exceptional. Great man. Had unique value which was attracting and his story was captivating inspiring…my fave of the week! Loved it Made me cry! Excellent. Very heart felt. Ngahihi was excellent, a really great speaker and I could have listened to him all day! Outstanding. Unbelievable, engaging, inspiring, moving, profound. Very inspiring speaker, great link with Maori Culture. Very personal & good to learn more about Maori culture. WOW!

Michelle Kane Conference Manager, Conferences and Events Limited